Every year thousands of people apply for different categories of US visa, like US work visa, US immigration visa, US visitor visa or US Travel visa. Recently, the US like many other countries has updated visa policies to increase security for citizens and visitors.
The process of obtaining visa includes US visa application and interviews and collection and cross checking of names in a highly sophisticated interagency database. These name checking and registration process are necessary and crucial elements.
Generally immigration process takes anything between 2-3years to be completed .The US visa green card immigration lottery fast tracks the immigration process to 2-3 months.Best of luck !!!!




US Visas Types

There are two broad categories of US visas:
1. Immigrant visas: For those intending to reside permanently in the United States. (Whether or not they intend to work.). In order to be eligible to apply for an immigrant visa, a foreign citizen must be sponsored by a U.S. citizen relative(s) or by a prospective employer.

An Affidavit of Support form is required for most family-based and some employment based immigrants to show there is adequate means of financial support in the U.S., by the petitioner or other sponsor(s) for the immigrant.

Additionally the Diversity Visa Program provides a certain number of permanent resident visas annually. These visas are drawn from countries with low rates of immigration to the U.S.

2. (A) Nonimmigrant visas: This is for people with permanent residence outside the US but who wish to be in the US for a short duration only. In other words it is a Visa for visiting United States temporarily. Reasons could be Tourism or medical treatment, business purpose, Students, Participants in exchange programs, Temporary workers, Performing artists, Professional journalists, and Government representatives, etc.

    (B) Temporary Worker Visas: There are several categories of temporary worker visas. All applicants for such visas must have a petition approved by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) before applying for the visa.
Hundreds of thousands of people come to the United States from around the world for a higher education to improve their skills and broaden their minds. Numerous programs provide a wide variety of opportunities. There are three major types of student visas that an international student can come on to the United States to study.

Student visas are issued for the period it takes the visitor to complete his/her course of study, program or work assignment.

The 3 Types of Non-Immigrant Student Visa are:

  1. F1 Visa: Academic Studies

For people who want to study or conduct research at an accredited U.S. College or University. In order to be qualified for getting an F1, a recognized university as a full time student must accept you. You must also prove the sufficient proof of financial support during this stay in United States. Except for the training required by the course a F-1 holder cannot work in the United States.

  2. J Visa: Academic Studies as an Exchange Visitor
For people who will be participating in an exchange visitor program in the U.S. The “J” Visa is the primary visa for educational and cultural exchange programs. Check out the details about working in the U.S. with your program sponsor.

  3. M Visa: Non-Academic or Vocational Studies
For people who want to study or train at non-academic institutions in the U.S. such as vocational schools.
Registered nurses, persons in a specialty occupation H-1B, temporary or seasonal agricultural workers, temporary or seasonal non-agricultural workers, trainees other than medical or academic, practical training in the education of handicapped children.

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